The Dispensary of Hand Prepared Aromatic Remedies & Complementary Therapies

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Perhaps the most effective treatment tenicque in aromatherapy which in its own right is not a key component of aromatherapy's holistic approach, but also allows minute quantities of Marchant Therapies Pure Essential Oils to be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream.

Massage works on our bodies by assisting the circulation to muscle tissue bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen and aid in the removal of waste products and toxins. Assist the blood flow in the veins and accelerates the normal functioning of the lymphatic System, (MLD) cleansing the connective tissue of inflammatory material and waste products. Improving muscle tone & cellulite, promoting flexibility, rejuvenating nad improving vitality.

The texture of the skin and appearance of the skin, removal of dead skin cells thus increasing the mobility of tissue and help soften the area around a scar tissue increasing its elasticity.

Aromatherapy is the scientific art of using pure essential oils, the essence extracted from Plants, Flowers, Leaves, Twigs, Petals, Fruits & Trees in treatment. The aroma of the oils and their penetration through the skin provide a natural and enjoyable healing therapy. Different essential oils have different therapeutic effects on the Body & Mind: some Relax and Soothe, while others Stimulate, Warm and Rejuvenate. Each synergy (mixture) of pure essential oils used in the session is designed for the specific needs of the individual patient. We also recommend which oils to use for Self-help in Inhalation, the Bath and in Compress.

Aromatic Bathing

Bathing is the next most effective way of using Pure & Natural Essential Oils,  Aromatic Bath Oils and Our Egyptian Bath Milk all especially prepared in our laboratory by hand. The warm water helps your body to absorb the oils helping you to relax and unwind.

The most effective way to apply essential oils is to mix between 5-6 drops in total of your favourite oil with a large cup of milk, or carrier oil, then place into your bath. Pure essential oils are insoluble in water, therefore to enable the properties to 'treat the whole body', I suggest this method.  


Aromatherapy Vaporisation

This can be a lovely way to create a mood enhancing atmosphere in a room. Essential oils are burned in a vaporiser of left on a light bulb ring and the fragrance gradually permates the room as the warmth vaporises the oil. Using Marchant Therapies pure and natural essential oil or room fragrance oil to your vaporiser adding water. If using a light bulb ring, just add the essential oil or fragrance oil, water is not necessary. You will find Chamomile, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang essential oils are particularly soothing after a stressful day.

Marchant Therapies stock a variety of pure essential oils, please see our webstore for further details. 


Aromatherapy Compress

A compress is a soothing way to treat many conditions. Just add a few drops of essential oils to a basin of water and place a flannel on the surface to attract the oils. Place the damp compress on the affected area until it reaches body temperature, then repeat the process if required. The water temperature should be tested before using this method for your own safety. Do not use boiling water


Specific Essential Oils and blends are helpful with a number of complaints including:  

  • Headache & Migraine
  • Toothache
  • Insomnia
  • Rheumatism & Arthritis
  • Various Skin Conditions
  • Boosting The Immune System
  • Freeing Respiration - Improving Breathing
  • Breaking Down Accumulated Toxins
  • Emotional Complaints Including Depression Anxiety Stress Related Conditions
  • Lack Of Confidence

Aromatherapy helps to achieve a natural approach to your health & well-being. Pure essential oils contain antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial properties, without side effects and they are non habit forming.

Client Consultation

Before any treatment commences, the practitioner will discuss your requirements, and match a treatment to your needs  that will be beneficial to you.

The treatment procedure will be explained and allow you to ask any questions. A medical consultation will take place which will last for approximately 30 minutes. This is vital so that your practitioner may build up a total picture of your current life style, diet, exercise, environmental factors, allergy and emotional problems.

Using a variety of techniques, your treatment session will consist of either a full body aromatherapy massage or a shorter combination involving the Back, Feet, Head and Face.

  • You will at all times be relaxed on a therapist couch listening to therapeutic music to promote self relaxation for the Body & Mind.
  • You will at all times be wrapped in towels for your comfort and warmth, apart from the area that is being treated.

 Please note: Patients with contra-indications such as -  Epilepsy, Diabetes, Infections, Heart Conditions, Thrombosis, Pregnancy, Major Operations, Scar Tissue, and Allergies, it may not be safe for you to receive Aromatherapy, therefore a GPs referral may be requested. This will be discussed during your initial consultation but an alternative therapy may be appropriate.

Treatment Cost and Aftercare Advice

Consultation Only Without A Treatment        

60 Minutes   £40.00

Initial Consultation On First Visit With Full Holistic Aromatherapy Massage Including Facial  

90 Minutes   £65.00

Second Treatment and thereafter

60 Minutes   £40.00

Egyptian Relaxation Milk Bath, Consultation & Aromatherapy Massage Treatment 

120 Minutes   £85.00


Remember, relaxation is an important part of your day. So give time to yourself ...!

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