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Body Massage

History Of Massage

For thousands of years some form of massage has been used to soothe the body and mind to relieve sickness.  One of the earliest notings was in the early fifth century BC by Hippocrates the ' father of medicine ' who said that massage or rubbing could aid problems of the joint

After the fall of Rome in the fifth century AD little progress was made in Europe. However, the Arabs continued the teachings with a eleventh century philospher called Aveicenna, leading the research.

Throughout this time it ha been noted that there is Historical evidence of illustrations of massage application in China, Japan, and Egypt. This indicates that the eastern world was also making their own continuous discoveries of the benefits of massage.

During the middle ages in Europe little was heard of massage due to the European attitude of contempt for pleasure to the flesh.

Massage as we know it today, was developed at the beginning of the nineteenth century by a Swede called Per Henril Ling. He synthesised a system from his knowledge of gymnastics and physiology and from Chinese, egyptian, Roman nad Greek techniques to produce what is known as the Swedisj Massage.

In 1913 the first college offering massage as a part of the curriclum was set up in Stockholm and from then on institutes and spas have continued to flourish, offering the services of massage.

Therapeutic and Physical Effects Of Body Massage

Each group of massage movements have specific effects on the body and mind, however the general effects of massage are as follows:

  • Relieves muscular tension due to the effective removal of wastes and toxins from the area.
  • Improves the blood circulation therefore increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the area and also assisting with the removal of carbon dioxide and wastes.
  • Assists with the drainage of lymph therefore assisting in the removal of wastes and fluid retention. ( oedema )
  • Stimulates or soothes the nerve endings depending on the type of movement.
  • Causes hyperamia ( increase in the blood flow ) which has a warming effect on the body.
  • Causes vaso dilation of the blood capillaries which results in erythema.
  • Due to the increase in circulation cells receive nourishment which increases cell division and improves their condition.
  • Aids desquamation ( removal of dead skin cells )
  • The massage medium used will have specific effects on the skin.
  • The warmth which is generated by the massage causes the suderiferous glands ( sweat glands ) to perspire which eliminates waste product.
  • Skin tone and elasticity is improved slightly.
  • The sebaceous glands are stimulated and produce additional sebum which keeps the skin supple and protected.
  • Deeply relaxing which gives you a feeling of well-being.
  • Massage can also be invigorating which stimulates the body and induces an energised feeling.

Client Consultation

Before any treatment commences, the practitioner will discuss your requirements, and match a treatment to your needs  that will be beneficial to you.

The treatment procedure will be explained and allow you to ask any questions. A medical consultation will take place which will last for approximately 30 minutes. This is vital so that your practitioner may build up a total picture of your current life style, diet, exercise, environmental factors, allergy and emotional problems.

Using a variety of Swedish massage strokes and some deep tissue work if appropriate, your treatment session will consist of either a full body massage or a shorter combination involving the Back, Feet, Head and Face.

  • You will at all times be relaxed on a therapist couch listening to therapeutic music to promote self relaxation for the Body & Mind.
  • You will at all times be wrapped in towels for your comfort and warmth, apart from the area that is being treated.
  • Please note that should any contra-indications be present, you will be advised during your initial consultation.

Treatment Cost and Aftercare Advice

Consultation Only Without A Treatment        

60 Minutes   £40.00

Initial Consultation On First Visit With Full Holistic Body Massage Including Facial   

90 Minutes   £65.00

Second Treatment and thereafter

60 Minutes   £40.00




Remember, Relaxation is an important part of your day. So give time to yourself ...! 

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