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Home Visiting Clinic in Kent

 Home Visiting Clinic - Holistic Therapy Treatments

Marchant Therapies provide a home visiting clinic either in your own home, work place or at Marchant Therapies clinic by appointment. Any persons under the age of 18 yrs  must be accompanied by an adult,  even in there own home. This is  subject to our professional code of ethics policy and professional standards governed by the Complementary Medical Association.

Marchant Therapies use their own handmade products in treatments such as Carrier oils, Pure Essential Oils which are of the finest quality and have not been tested on animals. Facial cleansing & toning lotions, creams, contain pure natural plant extracts subject to skin type. (a patch test will be carried out)  

During your first appointment either in your own home or work place, 20 minutes will be spent with a confidential consultation encompassing such details as diet, exercise, environmental factors, alergy & emotional problems & medical history. This is vital in order so your practitioner may build up a total picture of you thus be able to choose the appropriate form of treatment benefical to you.  Using a variety of Swedish Massage strokes and some deep tissue work if appropriate, your treatrment session will consist of either a full body massage or a shorter combination involving the Back, Feet, Head & Face.                                 

   You will be relaxed on a therapist couch listening to therapeutic music to promote self relaxation fo the Body & Mind

 You will at all times be wrapped in towels for your comfort and warmth.

All holistic theapy treatments has profound effects on health both physically and mentally. All treatments we provide are an acient method of healing that works in the whole person, Body Mind & Spirit.

For Benefit of treatment available, please refer to the various treatment heading listed above.

Marchant Therapies are able to visit you in your own home or work place in the following areas:

Canterbury * Hernebay * Whitstable * Westgate Margate *  Broadstairs *  Sandwich &  Deal 

Marchant Therapies  operate a clinical booking system. All appointments will be confirmed in writing along with a covering letter with full instructions and medical forms for you to complete in advance. All clients will be invoiced on the day of your treatment. This is a Private Clinical Service, therefore cancellation of less than 12 hours will be charged at the full rate. All information will be sent in your confirmation appointment letter.

Marchant Therapies also offer a Home visiting 'Late Night Clinical Therapy Service'  for those clients who work beyond a normal working hour pattern. Please contact our clinic for further details. 


Remember, relaxation is an important part of your day, so give time to yourself !

Contact our clininc now to book your treatment with  Clive Marchant

Treatment Prices will vary subject to location and travel time

Telephone : Marchant Therapies  0 7 9 5 8 - 5 5 6 9 0 9

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