The Dispensary of Hand Prepared Aromatic Remedies & Complementary Therapies

Men's Natural Shaving Oil


The Dispensary of Hand Prepared Aromatic Remedies



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Marchant Therapies Shave Oil remedy can be used on all parts of the skin. We use 100% natural pure essential oils, some anti-microbial  the essences extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, twigs, petals, fruits, seeds and trees, all which have been rigorously subjected to analytical procedures to establish their authenticity, composition and possible adulteration and contamination. Our products are analysed by C.G.L.C (Capillary Gas Liquid Chromatography) to verify the oils purity. Our formulation does not contain any harsh solvent chemicals and has not been tested on animals.  Marchant Therapies Shave Oil remedy comes in an airless diffused dispenser for optimum application. Each bottle has been digitally signed to certify its authenticity and to prevent any imitations and is bottled by hand at our clinic in Broadstairs Kent prior to dispatch for quality and assurance purposes.

The pure essential oils are a volatile substances which have been produced by steam distillation from - flowers heads, fresh flowering tops, cold expression of the peel of ripe fruit, leaves, stalks, flowers, dried leaves, whole plant, heartwood and wood shavings, twigs, berries, dried fruit  This remedy does NOT  contain steroids or cortisones.


I have listed the ingredients of components including the therapeutic properties which are beneficial to help aid in the healing process and for your skin to repair and recover after shaving. Some of the properties contain antioxidants which help to stop free radical damage.

 Ingredients and Components:

Ingredients of components:( Grapeseed oil) vitis vinifera (Jojoba Oil ) simmondsia chinensis (Evening primrose Oil) oenothera biennis, Parfum (Pure essential oils) rosmarinus officinalis, mentha piperita, citrus senensis, melaleuca alternifolia, eucalyptus globulus,lavandula angustifolia. 


Natural Chemical Constituents:

Penenes, Camphene, Menthol, Menthone, Limonene, Bergapten, Cineol, Terpinene, Linalyl Acetate, Therapeutic Properties:


Therapeutic Qualities / Properties:

Vitamin E, Proteins, Minerals, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid. Bacteriacidal, Anticeptic,Fungicidal, Antiviral.


Other information / Caution:

 * Carry out a patch / skin test before using this remedy

 * Allergies - carry out patch / skin test as this remedy contains almond oil –    

 * Store in a cool dry place.

 * Keep out the reach of children.

 * DO NOT use this product on the skin if you will become exposed to natural or simulated sunlight. Keep out of the sun  if you are going to use this remedy as it can cause photo-toxicity

* Use by expiry date as stated on the accompanied certification letter that comes with the product. .

* This remedy may cause the skin to overheat, thus exacerbating the condition -Discontinue using. 

* Beneficial for most types of skin.  


How to use:  Wet the area to be shaved, preferably with hot water, and keep your skin wet. Hold the bottle upside down and wait a moment for the mixture to drip out of the bottle. Collect 5-8 drops onto your wet palm, rub your hands briefly together, then rub the Close Shave Oil into your face or body part  to be shaved.  Shave in direction of hair growth, rinsing razor as required. Rinse  afterwards with cool water and dab skin dry. This product will leave the skin tissue  feeling soft,  smooth,  refreshed and moisturized.

Please note, the above products come in a clear airless bottle as indicated in the above picture with the Marchant Therapies Logo. The pure oil colour varies depending on the oil blend used. 


Ingredients / Use:  Bottle – Beard Oil

Work into your clean, freshly washed beard. Start with 2-3 drops of Marchant Therapies Beard oil, applying primarily to the roots. Apply more generously as your confidence grows.  For the best result use daily.

This versatile oil with natural molecules can be used to help treat dry, damaged and course beards as well as daily styling for your beard and hair.  This product is beneficial in helping to protect the hair follicle, nourish and rejuvenate, while adding shine leaving your beard feeling soft and tamed.

What does this product contain - Ingredients of components:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ( Sweet Almond Oil) Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oi)l  Argania Spinosa, Argan ( Kernel Oil), Rosa Canina, (Rosehip) Elaeis gunieensis, (Fruit Oil), Triticum Vulgare (Wheatgerm Oil), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)  Retinol (Vitamin A)  Coumarin, Parfum,  ((Pure essential oils)  Limonene, (Lemon)  Benzopyrone, from plant material.      

Theraputic Properties

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)  Retinol (Vitamin A)  Coumarin, Parfum,  ((Pure essential oils)  Limonene, (Lemon)  Benzopyrone, from plant material. Natural Anti-oxidants, Fatty Acids, Proteins, Minerals, 

Other information / Caution

* Store in a cool dry place.

* Do not use if allergic to nut products.                                                                                  

* Keep out the reach of children.

* Keep away from eyes. If contact with eyes does occur, rinse well with clean water.

* Do not use this product if exposed to natural or simulated sunlight.

* If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

* For external use only

*Use by  expiry date as stated on the label



                            50ml e   Original Shaving Oil  (Marchant Theapies Blue / Brown Bottle )  £10.00 / Two for £16.00  / Three for £26.00

                           50ml e   Dispenser (glass) £12.00

                           50ml e   Beard Oil  (Marchant Theapies Blue /  Brown Bottle )  £10.00 / Two for £16.00  / Three for £26.00    * N EW REMEDY *


                For re-orders only - Please add £3.50 for  Postage and Packaging    




 You can only purchase this product if you are:

  • Being treated by Marchant Therapies Clinic 

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All our remedies are hand prepared at our clinic. Our packaging and labelling is simple, this does not only help us to keep our costs low, but enables us to charge less to our paitents and customers.

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