The Dispensary of Hand Prepared Aromatic Remedies & Complementary Therapies

Palliative Care

Specialist Palliative Care and End of Life Care


Marchant Therapies offer a palliative care treatment plan, for patients who are living with a terminal illness where cure is no longer possible. Itís also for people who may have a complex illness and need their symptoms controlled. Although patients who have advanced, progressive condition, this isnít always the case.

Palliative care aims to treat or manage pain or other physical symptoms. It will also help with any psychological, social or spiritual needs. Palliative care includes the caring for individual needs of people who are nearing the end of life. This is also called end of life care.


Our goal of palliative care is to help you and everyone affected by your illness to achieve the best quality of life. You may like to receive palliative care alongside particular treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


Marchant Therapies aim is to help:

  •       Improve your quality of life.
  •       Provide some relief from pain and other distressing symptoms.
  •       Combine psychological and spiritual aspects of care.
  •       Offer support to help your family cope during your illness.
  •       To provide end of life care which can continue for as long as you need it.


We are able to offer a variety of treatments that help promote a sense of well-being, treating the whole person, Body Mind & Spirit in a love and caring manner.    


  •       Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) to help alleviate pain and discomfort.  
  •       Light Aromatherapy Massage using our Pure Essential Oils that contain properties to help aid relaxation, boost your immune system, and promote and sense of well-being both physiologically and psychologically.
  •       Reflexology to help relax and cope with stress, anxiety, agitation, and to relieve pain and to help lift your mood and give a feeling of well-being.  


Your Treatment Plan:

 All treatment plans are based purely on your individual needs. Your therapists will carryout a short medical consultation to ascertain a brief history about you and your current medical health circumstances.

 This will also allow you to discuss what treatment would be more beneficial to you, to help alleviate and to control your symptoms.

 Marchant Therapies Policy

 You will be required to complete and sign a consent form to undertake Holistic Therapy Treatment and for Marchant Therapies to notify your Doctor that Specialist Palliative Care is being undertaken.


  • All treatments are carried out in the comfort of your own home.
  • For your initial Consultation including treatment and remedies used is £85.00.

This also includes a follow-up appointment to assess your health and well-being. Your initial appointment will be approximately two hours. For further on-going treatment and other palliative care, this can be discussed at consultation.

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