The Dispensary of Hand Prepared Aromatic Remedies & Complementary Therapies

Reflexology and Foot Care

Reflexology & Foot Care

Reflexology is a form of natural holistic therapy, based on the discovery that points on the  feet and hands which correspond to Organs, Systems, and Structures, within the entire body. This corresponding relatioship is called 'Reflex' a reflex is when a stimulation at one point brings about a response in another point or area. In reflexology by using special techniques to stimulate the points on the feet and hands, imbalances in the tissues, organs and systems of the body, can be detected  and effectively treated, thus to help restore balance and well-being.


Zones, Energy Flow & Health, Blockage & Disease

The body is divided into 10 longitudinal zones running lengthways down the body. Each zone is the same width, with a dividing line that runs from front to back as if the body were composed of 10 equal width slices. 5 Zones are on the left and 5 on the right. Feet and hands show the 10 zones so there is one finber and one toe in each zone. Zones run from toes up to head and down the arms. The head also has 10 zones and is represented on the feet by the big toes. Left big toes represents left side of the head and the right big toe represents the right side of the head. Each big toe has 5 zones running through it just as each side of the head toes. However, the 4 smaller toes each lie inside a zone (zones 2-5) and they represent the individual 'slices' of the head zones. This also applies to the hands.

All parts of the body are mapped out on the feet and hands as they are each the 'terminus' for the energy flow zones.

Energy Flow

Within each zone energy flows freely in health, unimpeded. The nature of the energy is difficult to define. Chinese call it Chi. It is not recognised in traditional western science as a biological entity but there is much emerging evidencew to suggest it is present. Chinese believe it to flow everywhere not just within the body. In reflexology known as energy. 


Health and Energy Flow

In health energy flows unimpeded along the zones supplying all parts of the body with the life force needed for living. Living a healthy lifestyle will promote energy flow and depends on adequate good quality food, rest and exercise as well as positive mental attitude, harmony between mind, body and spirit. 

Blockage and Disease

Blockage to enewrgy flow causes dtsfunction or susceptibility to infection of parts of the body when they are deprived of energy. Similarly infection, injury and stress may lead to impeded energy flow or even blockages. An energy blockage will lead to many other parts of the zone also being affected and eventually the effects will be felt in the energy zone termini: the hands and feet.  Reflexes or even whole zoners can feel tender to the touch or feel gritty as if sand is under the skin - also known as 'crystals'.

Reflexology unblocks the blockage abd resgtore the flow. Pressure to the reflexes stimulates energy flow and also breaks down the crystal deposits. Crystals of waste products are releasec into the circulation to be excreted ahd once removed, the energy can flow freely. If there was no blockage there is no change to the body though it would be unusual to find no imbalance anywhere!

If there is detectable blockage to energy flow, as the energy floods into parts of the body deprived of its fair share it allows healing and repair to take place. The big rush of energy sometimes produces an effect called a healing crisis and may cause mild to severe discomfort in the area. (usually this gets worse before it gets better).

Some clients can feel a rush of energy with sensation ot electric current or tingling along the legs right up to the part of the body out of balance. Sometimes strange sensations can be detected in very sentitive individuals in certain areas of the body as you touch reflexes or some time after. Once normal flow is restored self-healing and repair can take place with restoration of health. Much improvement may be seen following one single treatment but it is common to need a number of treatments as each treatment is making more progress towards health.

Severe Blockage

Severe Blockage often seen in very tense people or chronic illnesses may not show any reaction at first, then suddenly give rise to healing crisis or the usual reaction (contractions) after 2,3,4, or more treatments. These people often benefit from a long course of treatments and addressing the cause of the imbalance.

Cause of Energy Block

The cause of energy block is injury. An injured scarred or infected organ or part of the body will not function well and may cause an energy blockage, depriving other organs in that zone from proper functioning. Poor lifestyle habits, bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, ingestion of toxic substances, psychological stress, emotional upset, poor hygiene can deplete the energy or impede the flow as the bad habits take there toll.  

 Research has shown that working on reflex areas, reflexology can be beneficial in the healing process thus helping with internal organs as follows: 

  • Pituitary - Control of Hormones in the body
  • Pineal - Mood and Circulation Rhythms
  • Hypothalamus - Control of Emotions, Reactions, Appetite & Body Temperature
  • Thyroid - Control of Metabolism
  • Parathyroids - Calcium & Phosphorus Levels - Muscle Tone & Functioning
  • Heart & Lungs - Pumping Blood to all Parts of the Body - Exchange of Oxygenated Air
  • Solar Plexus - Network of nerves autonomic nervous system
  • Lymph System - Drainage of the Lymphatic System
  • Liver - Process of Nutrients from the Blood
  • Gall Bladder - Breaking Down Fats
  • Stomach - Churns Food Begins Protein Breakdown
  • Pancreas - Controls Glucose Levels in the Blood
  • Duodenum - Receives Hepatic & Pancreatic Secretions
  • Spleen - Produces Lymphocytes stores or Filters Old Damaged Cells
  • Adrenal - Promoting Metabolism controlling Energy Levels
  • Kidneys - Filteration of Body Toxins
  • Ureters - Passageway for Urine
  • Bladder - Storage of Urine
  • Small Intestine - Secretes/ Absorbs Digested Foods. Water Vitamins and Minerals
  • Colon - Absorbs Water, Stores and Eliminates Mucus and Waste Material
  • Appendix - Lubricates Large Intestine and May Secrete Antibodies

Reflexology helps many conditions such as:

  • Depression * Anxiety * Stress Insomnia * Migraine
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Circulatory Disorders * Digestive Disorders * High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Menstral & Menopausal Problems
  • Assist in the Removal Of Waste Products & Toxins
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Helps To Maintain Joints Tendons & Ligaments

The Treatment

During your first appointment a full confidential medical consultation will take place which will take approximately 30 minutes. The reflexology treatment will start with an  inspection of the feet, to ensure no contraindications are present, you will be advised during consultation. If all is well, your feet will be throughly cleaned, then placed in our Aromatherapy Foot Spa, to aid Self Relaxation before the start of treatment. 

Open foot massage will be performed using special techniques and movements such as  Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Ankle Rotation, Spinal Twist, and Lung Press.  The practitioner will cover all reflexes of the entire body, noting areas of imbalances detected by Reflexological Assessment on both feet.

Please be advised Feedback and Aftercare Advice will be given at the end of each treatment. To get a full and accurate assessment, your first treatment plan should be between four and  six  treatments,  performed at  weekly intervals. Please check with your practitioner for further advice.


Treatment Cost and Aftercare Advice

Consultation Only Without A Treatment        

60 Minutes   £40.00

Initial Consultation On First Visit With Foot Spa , Full Reflexology Treatment, Aftercare Advice -  which includes a written assessment of all imbalances detected during treatment.    

90 Minutes   £65.00 

Second Reflexology Treatment and Thereafter which includes Aftercare Advice and written assessment.  

60 Minutes   £40.00

Course of Four  Reflexology Treatments & Foot Spa With Complete Overall Written Assessment Plan

At two hourly sessions X4    £150.00 


Remember, relaxation is an important part of your day. So give time to yourself ...!

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